Sunday, 5 November 2017

Brasserie Le Triangle; an equilateral one in Paris

Brasserie Le Triangle, 13 Rue Jacques Louvel Tessier, Paris 10 Ar. is an amazing place; cuisine, beer and atmosphere are equilaterally of high-class.

This is a small bistro, a real "brasserie", run by a clearly ambitious and apt team, the core consisting of relatives. The exceptional, contagiously inspiring drive of this place can be sensed right upon entering.

I opted for a portion of Ravioli, which proved to be the best I've ever had. As an eager amateur cook and pelmeni & ravioli maniac, I'm still trying figure out the cereal composition of the phenomenal dough; does it contain either rye and/or buckwheat?!

Being a microbrewer, I certainly was impatiently thirsty to try all their own beers. Those were five altogether, all of them on tap: India Dark Ale 7% abv, Nelson fume en cachette / Berliner Rauch 3% abv, Muôi tiêu chanh / Saison sel poivre lime 6% abv, Petite Passion / Blonde avoine & fruit passion 3% abv, Simone / American Pale Ale 5,5% abv.

All beers were appetizingly fresh, well balanced, fragrantly and adeptly hopped; furthermore in top condition at the same time! Great beers on the whole. Unfortunately the brewer was not present, or maybe fortunately, after all; the chef de cuisine took me down to the cellar... The brewing set-up is as basic as it can be out of which the three hot side vessels are positioned beyond the comptoir.

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