Thursday, 15 June 2017

Honkavuoren 347 IPA by Panimo Honkavuori

Semiclear, 4,5% ABV, Oh, boy! 

When it comes to decent beer, either lager or ale, in general, the first and foremost requirement in universal concord, obviously is crispness, freshness. Furthermore, ales in particular, are usually more or less fruity due to higher amounts of fermentation aromas alone; aroma hopping is applied to impart the desired quality & quantity of hop-originated fragrance and fruitiness atop...

IPA is supposed to be fresh and amply fruity ale by fermentation alone, furthermore generously hopped, heftily and fragrantly aroma hopped in particular...

347 IPA has absolutely no fruitiness, no freshness, not a trace of hoppiness. Instead, we have got the same horrible stale cardboardy-oxidized stench as had the foregoing "Iloliemi" Pils. It begins to seem as if this were the house flavor of Honkavuori, no matter which beer or which style whatsoever. Futile rubbish & non-beer again, definitely catastrophic failure as an IPA!

The brewery spokesman says in the paper Helsingin Sanomat that their beers are made to be easy to drink. Again, I take the liberty to disagree; yuck!, certainly got the toilet treatment.

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