Thursday, 15 June 2017

Iloliemi, Ilosaarirockin Luomupils by Panimo Honkavuori

Semiclear stuff, 4,5% ABV. Repulsively stale, cardboardy-worty-oxidized aroma. Where the hell is the crispness required of any lager, pale or dark, or even the slightest hop character, the quintessence of any beer daring to call itself a Pils(-ner)!?

The label proclaims this liquid to be strongly hopped, furthermore, to have been brewed by able hands! I, however, take the liberty to disagree, strongly, on both points.

I'm sad to say this, but "Iloliemi" lacks all the attributes of decent beer, either lager or ale on the whole, Pils(-ner) let alone as a style!!! The sole positive thing I'm able to find here is that this produce is, unlike many others turned out by the ongoing craft brewing boom in our backwoods, quite obviously free from microbial contamination!

Futile rubbish on the whole, a typical non-beer extruded upon us, consumers, in increasing amounts by the ongoing boom of craft shitteries. Certainly got the toilet treatment.

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