Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Perhon Rohkea by The Perho Culinary College

Semiclear, unfiltered beer, 4,7% ABV, having clean and briskly fruity aroma, the product of fermentation done by some British style ale yeast. This Amber Ale certainly isn't meant to be a hop bomb; obviously, primarily bittering hops have been used, which is most welcome choice and line these days of the overwhelming aftershaveishly fragrant prevalence of American and Pacific hops.

Perhon Rohkea is a full-bodied Amber Ale characterized by, aside from its gentle fruitiness of fermentation origin, chocolaty maltiness counterpoised by moderate hop bitterness suiting well to wide range of beer drinkers and food.

This beer has become a classic having been brewed at the same locality over 20 years now the recipe unchanged. The brewery is a waistcoat pocket-sized educational one with the lilliputian batch size of 120 liters housed by The Perho Culinary College, in Helsinki; the place where the most of the Finnish top chefs de cuisine originate from. All the beer turned out by own brewery is quite naturally consumed by the guests of the popular educational restaurant The Perho located at the premises.

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