Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Rokkarin Luu APA by Mallaskuun Panimo; the chamber of craft beer horrors of the good old 1990's revisited!

Cloudy unfiltered stuff, 4,5% ABV. Aroma is dubiously sulfury-phenolic with cooked vegetables galore (dimethyl sulfide, DMS); disgusting! Certainly there isn't a trace of the hops used (Centennial, Citra, Columbus) mid the thick mess of abhorrent off-flavors.

Taste confirms what the aroma promises, and fulfills the worst fears: vile mess of sulfury and phenolic off-flavors including burnt rubber and bakelite, dimethyl sulfide dominating...

I, the blogger, characterize this as a non-beer, a miserable failure, probably due to both microbial contamination (bacteria and wild yeasts) and brewing technical shortcomings. Calling this an American Pale Ale is a disgrace! Undrinkable crap, certainly went down the kitchen drain immediately after verdict.

A flop like this reminisces me, the blogger, about the notorious contaminated stench bombs from the beginning of the first Finnish craft brewing boom in 1990's; hopefully the ongoing one won't conjure up those old horrors in greater numbers...

In brewing decent beer we need, above all, three assets: culture, experience and wit. Those are the main ingredients of the thing called craftsmanship. Fortunately, the firs two can be developed.

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