Monday, 3 April 2017

Seth Lager by Suomenlinnan Panimo

Clear beer, 4,7% ABV; no sputter of irrelevant data like EBU's, EBC's etc. to baffle an ordinary consumer. This beer contains apart from barley malt, wheat and rye, presumably in unmalted form.

Crisp and immaculately clean lager aroma, subtly on the malty side. Medium-to-full-bodied. Probably filtered but not at all too sharply to emasculate the body too much. Furthermore, pleasingly not excessively carbonated!

Taste is clean and pleasantly malty as the aroma forebodes. Rye is likely to impart that agreeable note maillard-like cereal sweetness and flavor as well. A pinch or two of bitterness could well be supplemented, although I, the blogger, don't see this beer as unbalanced at all.

Well done, absolutely no off-flavors at all in an example of the least forgiving beer style; a telltale mark of an excellent brewing process and high craftsmanship.

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