Tuesday, 28 March 2017

IPA, Iisalmi Pale Ale by Olvi

Unfiltered & unpasteurized, semiclear beer, 4,7% ABV, EBU 55, EBC 16, Plato 11,5%. Hops used are Mosaic, Galaxy, Comet and Saphir.

This may sound and certainly is repetition, but the first two words of this text blatantly are the keywords. Filtration emasculates body and mouthfeel. Pasteurization kills freshness and wipes out hop fragrance transforming it into a stench bomb.

The intercontinental selection of hops is a bold one these days when American hops extrude from our ears. Aroma is appetizingly fresh with fragrant hops, as one would expect. The intensity of hop fragrance here, however, is a bit lower than that formidable aftershavish one in all Stadin Scandinavian beers coming out from the same assembly line.

Balanced and jolly stuff with pleasant maltiness hovering in the background; can't help dreaming of making beers like this by way of triple decoction.

It begins to seem as if the industrial making of excellent everyday beer with fine hops were easy, after all.

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