Sunday, 26 March 2017

American Cream Ale by Olvi

Unfiltered semiclear beer, 4,7% ABV, EBU 25, EBC 17, Plato 11%. Hops used: Monroe, Fantasy, Kazbek. Unpasteurized and nearly as perfumely fragrant hop bomb as the Stadin Scandinavian beers coming out from the same production line; the dry hopping rate obviously being considerably higher in Stadin Scandinavian beers.

The issue of major importance and interest here is, once again, the fashion by which Olvi succeeds in packing the fragrant aroma hops fresh and intact into canned beer. Certainly the core of the secret lies in not destroying the precious hop aromas by pasteurization and oxidization. The implementation of all that, however, remains unknown.

On the whole, enjoyable top fresh and fragrantly hoppy stuff. Again, the good proof of well done aroma hopping applies to this beer: belches an hour after are odorously hoppy... Whether the use of both lager and ale yeasts is just a prank or a practical necessity, is another question, however, beyond the sphere of this text.


  1. Far of American Cream Ale -style beer.

  2. Yeah, maybe this should be more lagerish. The Olvi cream ale is more like a dry-hopped bitter.

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