Sunday, 26 March 2017

Saimaa Pils by Saimaan Juomatehdas; and way out of Saimaa beer chamber of horrors

Whereas freshness on the whole is the quintessence of any beer, in Pils(-ner) it can definitely not be overemphasized with crisp hop character apart from light maltiness. This is because there actually isn't much else to manifest resulting from the light malt base and low levels of fermentation aromas produced by some neutral lager yeast at low fermentation temperature range.

Saimaa Pils, 4,5% ABV, actually is the antithesis of what was said about Pils(-ner) above: it has repulsively stale cardboard-oxidized aroma without a trace of hops. Undrinkable stuff to the hilt; got the kitchen drain treatment.

Having roamed in the Saimaa beer chamber of horrors for the time of nine beers now, let this be the final one for the time being. Unlike many other bloggers, I have payed every can myself. Only three beers out of nine have been drinkable. Furthermore, the undrinkable six were so vile that I, the blogger, can't understand why they are on the market at all, among all decent beers galore!!! In my, the blogger's, notion this certainly signals apart from poor craftsmanship, also severe underestimation of the consumer.

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