Friday, 17 March 2017

Columbus Pale Ale by Malmgård

Unfiltered, semiclear, 4,7% ABV, 11% P, EBU 35. As the naming betrays, this is a single hopped beer. Furthermore, Columbus certainly is not among the most common single hops. As a craftbrewer myself, I like this variety, apart from its use as high alpha bittering hop, as aroma hop as well, particularly in dry hopping with other American varieties; I have never tried it alone. Thus this beer aroused my interest in the first place.

The riffing bottom of fermenting aromas is ripe-fruity as one may well expect. Neither knowing the aroma hopping rate nor whether dry hopping has been applied or not, Columbus is clearly not fireworking here; maybe the blade of the Columbus in this very bottle has passed its pinnacle, as any hop always does, as a merciless function of the weeks passing by. In any case, the hoppiness on top of the fruity riffing base is pleasant and reminds me of an old-school British ESB in the brewing of which Columbus variety certainly wasn't present. Some twenty-thirty more EBU's certainly would not have ruined this beer...

Hey there! Folks at Saimaan Juomatehdas! How about an educational tour down to Malmgård on how to make decent beer?!

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