Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Marsalkka Tumma by Saimaan Juomatehdas

Unfiltered dark lager beer, 4,6% ABV.  Clean, malty aroma with subtle smokiness. This beer clearly distinguishes itself, standing out in the boringly long rank of indifferent beers, in quite an uninteresting style of beers on the whole.

I remember the frustratingly long recursive making of this recipe in the gloomy rear corner of the brew pub Bruuveri, in Helsinki, where the tiny brewing gear was situated. The late founder of Saimaan Juomatehdas and a friend of mine, Pertti Oksa, gave me an assignment: I was to brew six consecutive and differentiated 200 liter batches out of which the patrons would vote the winner to be the final recipe. Patrons gave their votes, however, recursion continued...

I heard, only this morning, the staggering news that this beer has been awarded in a highly venerated contest, "Oscars of the brewing world" [!], The International Brewing Awards, since 1886, held in Burton-upon-Trent, England. Congratulations down to Mikkeli, well done!

The heartwarming news above thus makes "Marsalkka Tumma" probably the most acclaimed of the galore of prizewinning recipes I, the blogger, have made for Saimaan Juomatehdas since 2008.

When it comes to the many prizewinning beers of Saimaan Juomatehdas, the truth is that almost all of them have been brewed by me, the blogger, as single batches at the tiny two hectoliter brewery of the brew pub Bruuveri, in Helsinki; that is to say some 300 kilometers southwest of Mikkeli.

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