Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Tough Luck India Pale Ale by Mallaskosken Panimo

Semiclear beer, 4,7% ABV. Proclaims on the cover being "High on hops" plus having high self-confidence! Likewise was having the brewer, bald-headed Jyri Ojaluoma when he gallantly made his entrée into my craft brewing class in Mustiala, it surely was in 1997, wasn't it.

Promises and expectations are set high. First of all, hilariously fresh, as any good beer definitely must, I repeat, must be. Elegant, perfumy-floral hop aroma, not fireworking one in intensity but more of the discreet and seducing feminine quality.

Balanced; still recognizably a malt beverage seasoned with hops! The hop varieties used are not disclosed but they surely are a swell selection treated with all the proficiency and respect they deserve. The aftertaste is nicely bitter while the femininely perfumy hops linger down there in the olfactories.

When it comes to the naming this beer, it seems to me, to the blogger, as if the beer underneath, unfortunately, had the tougher luck; ironically, who knows.

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