Friday, 17 March 2017

American Pale Ale by Stadin Scandinavian

Unfiltered semicloudy, 4,5% ABV, 11,4% Plato, 35 IBU. Staggeringly fireworking punch of fresh fruity-floral hops in aroma again, in canned beer!!! I'm not thinking about the recipe in particular, nor the selection of hop varieties in general.

What puzzles and pesters me, as a craft brewing man myself, is the uncertainty of the manner by which the lovely hop fragrance is caressed, preserved and conveyed intact into the can; certainly through the rough & brutal process of an industrial brewery of Olvi in Iisalmi.

Since the varieties of hops used in this beer are not disclosed on the cover, maybe the only remarkable difference in comparison to "The American Session IPA", discussed earlier in this blog, is the lower level of bitterness and fuller body due to, 0.5% by Plato, of more Extract of wort.

If I were anyone of the Founders guys down over there at Grand Rapids, MI, USA, I would certainly launch a snooping operation down to Olvi Iisalmi plant.

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  1. Eivätkö nuo Stadin oluet ole vain Olvin Premium sarjaa?
    Tuskin Stadin Panimolla on mitään tekemistä niiden kanssa.