Tuesday, 7 March 2017

American Session IPA by Stadin Scandinavian

Unfiltered, hazy beer, 4,5% ABV, 60 IBU. Appetizing, sparklingly fresh & clean, fruity fermenting aroma riffing down on the baseline.

Astoundingly fresh and intensely floral American hops, the varieties are not told on the cover, break heftily and hilariously on top of the clean and fruity baseline.

Aftertaste is pleasantly bitter-hoppy, as one certainly expects, and insists!, after downing a pint of IPA. Even the belches an hour after are fragrantly hoppy-floral which the I, the blogger, regard as an excellent proof of successful aroma hopping (dry hopping in particular!).

This beer fulfills quite accurately the attributes of an excellent American IPA, except the alcohol content! "Session" IPA is in my, the blogger's, notion, more or less an euphemism of an emasculation of beer in this particular style.

Furthermore, this beer certainly teaches a damned good lesson to the one below on being an American IPA!

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