Friday, 24 March 2017

Brewer's Special Joker Hop Ale by Saimaan Juomatehdas

Hazy, 4,7% ABV, 11,5% Plato, EBU 30. Promises: "Hops vary in every batch, that's why it's called Joker", "Velvety maltiness with surprising aromas".

I'm sad to say so, but I have absolutely nothing good to say about this beer. I'm trying to be as concise and terse as possible on the bad as well.

Joker Hop Ale has abhorrently stale, oxidized-cardboardy and autolysed-sulphury aroma; terrible stuff! Not a trace left of those promised "joker hops" added into the kettle; a bad joke indeed. Really disgraceful failure, again. I just wonder how and why rubbish like this is on the market at all. Certainly went down the kitchen drain.

Hi there, folks in Mikkeli! What's the matter with the mill!!??

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